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It cost him a good deal to say that, but at every word his burden lightened, though his anxiety to know how she would deal with him increased.

He turned to her with an air of childlike frankness..
鈥榁ery. He鈥檚 worthy of them too: he really likes them. Perhaps they鈥檒l civilise him. Do you know, I feel rather a brute for having gone there.鈥.
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鈥業 do subscribe to it, you know,鈥 he said..
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Dimly, like the moving of an unborn child, the sense of beauty, that profitless thing, without which there is no profit in all the concerns of the world, began to trouble Keeling with a livelier indication of life than any that he had yet experienced from it. In some disconnected way it was connected with John鈥檚 education and Lord Inverbroom鈥檚 manner, and the denizens of the windows of the County Club as opposed to those who more numerously gathered in the windows of the Town Club next door. Propert, his salesman in the book department, had a cousinship to these men who made gargoyles and beautiful books, whereas Emmeline was only cousin to the pilasters in the Town Hall and the No. 1 drawing-room suite. Propert鈥檚 sister, according to her brother鈥檚 account, had the same type of relationship as himself. But the main point about her was her swiftness in shorthand writing and the accuracy of her transcription on to the typewriting machine. Keeling had never had a secretary who finished a heavy day鈥檚 work in so short a time. He owed her the extra half-hour鈥檚 leisure, which had led{86} to this appreciation of the gargoyles and buttresses of the Cathedral. For thirty years he had passed this way almost daily, but until to-day he had never seen them before in the sense that seeing means a digestion of sight.
Mrs Keeling gave him his cup of tea, and waited a little before pouring out her own. It was necessary to hold the teapot so long in the air in order to extract a ration of fluid from it.
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